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Lifecode Gx®

The study of how nutrition and genes interact. Lifecode Gx® offers a range of specialist nutrigenomics DNA test panels which inform how inherited health risks can be mitigated through personalised nutrition and lifestyle change...

How it works?


Your Practitioner places an order.

Your health practitioner places an order with us for a DNA test kit and one or more reports. The sample collected in the one test kit can be used to generate all of our reports.


Take a DNA sample.

Rub the swab against the inside of both cheeks for one minute. Place the stabilising tablet in the tube with the sample. Instructions are provided in the kit.


Return the sample to Lifecode Gx

Complete and sign the consent form. Return the sample and consent in the packaging provided (pre-paid for returns from within the UK).


Your reports are generated

Report PDFs will be made available to your authorised practitioner approximately three weeks after Lifecode Gx receive your sample.

Analysis of results
& feedback.

Paula will contact you to arrange an appointment to interpret the data into your own personalised, immediately actionable and user friendly nutritional and lifestyle programme

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What is Nutrigenomics?

Nutrigenomics is the study of interactions between genes, nutrients and health.  A nutrigenomics test examines DNA to identify variants that can impact your health, but can be supported by nutrition and other lifestyle factors.  


How can it help you?

Through a simple cheek swab to collect your DNA, it enables a preventative, personalised and proactive approach to health.  The test results can inform everyday decisions such as eliminating some foods or adding others - instead of a ‘one-size fits’ all approach. 


Why I believe Nutrigenomics will help you alongside Acupuncture

During my visits to China in 1986 and 1996, I studied Chinese Dietary Therapy, as I was fascinated how differently food was thought of and used on a meal by meal basis.  Food was  used as medicine, and everyone I spoke to, could tell me why they would choose particular ingredients to improve or optimise their health.  This was particularly powerful for me to learn, considering the recent death of my mother from cancer when she was 47.  I have been on a bit of a quest’ ever since, to understand more about how we can help ourselves to ‘prevent’ illness rather than wait until we get really sick.


While in China, I learned that all foods have an energetic temperature: warming, cooling, cold or heating.  Some would ‘nourish blood’ drain ‘dampness’ or tonify qi, and therefore you eat certain foods to warm up a cold constitution, cool down someone who was hot, nourish someone who was tired and feeling heavy or clear dampness if someone was suffering from excess mucous or digestive issues, therefore improving health and well-being.


Using all the diagnostic techniques incorporated in Traditional Acupuncture - looking at the tongue, taking the 12 pulses, palpating the channels and taking a medical history, allows the Acupuncturist to understand the weaknesses and strengths of each individual patient’s constitution.


When I began to learn more about Nutrigenomics, I immediately felt this was the next ‘level’ of Personalised Nutrition that I was looking for to resource my patients.  Having your own DNA test translated into immediately useful and actionable information which is easy to implement, being advised on which foods to eat or avoid and environmental factors which could harm or heal - unique to each person is so valuable - taking the ‘guess work’ out of improving your health now and in the future.  Knowledge is power, and your genes are not your destiny - you can make your body work better for you, once you know the correct choices to make! 


I am really excited to offer my patients the chance to explore Nutrigenomics as I am now a Registered Practitioner with Lifecode Gx after completing their Nutrigenomics Practitioner Programme in March 2023.  More information is constantly evolving in this new and exciting field of science and nutrition and I look forward to continually updating my knowledge to offer the best care to my patients alongside my acupuncture practice. I have chosen to work specifically with Lifecode Gx as this company is known for very accurate testing models and has excellent security measures in place - data privacy and protection is their priority and all samples are destroyed after 3 months with data never shared or sold.


Please use the links below to Lifecode Gx for more specific information about Nutrigenomics and how to complete a Nutrigenomics test or to get in touch to discuss which tests would be suitable for you. 

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